The Future Is Smart Sewer Inspection

A Powerful AI Tool for Sewer Rehab and Operations

For communities across the country, sewer systems are often the least visible and most expensive asset to maintain. PipeAId™ is a digital assistant tool that uses AI (artificial intelligence) to identify, code and record defects in sewers, making sewer camera inspection considerably easier and more accurate.

Computer monitor with readings of sewer data on it

How It Works

When PipeAId is activated, defects are tagged with their precise location in a geographic information system (GIS). This data helps utilities prioritize repairs, manage assets and stretch maintenance and repair budgets.

AI reviews CCTV (closed-circuit television) video to flag defects and create a digital map of your sewer network. Because engineers are supervising the tool, PipeAId becomes more knowledgeable every time it is applied. When a more obscure “non-learned” defect is observed, it is flagged for a NASSCO-certified engineer (National Association of Sewer Service Companies) to code and the software to learn.

  • Step 1

    CCTV is collected for sewer assets

  • Step 2

    PipeAId identifies, codes and records defects

  • Step 3

    NASSCO trained engineers supervise the tool

  • Step 4

    GIS database developed to map sewer conditions and prioritize repairs



PipeAId is delivered on an advanced GIS platform that includes a digital twin of the collection system. The digital twin shows the condition of each pipe segment and geospatially locates each observation with images attached that provide detailed information. Paired with our data hosting solution, the digital twin also links the inspection video to each pipe segment so that staff can access it in the field or in the office by simply clicking on the pipeline segment.

This innovative solution provides utility owners with the detailed data they need to make informed decisions about their systems’ needs. PipeAId’s streamlined approach also delivers results in less time and at a fraction of the cost of traditional assessments.

  • The condition of each pipe segment.
  • It geospatially locates each observation with detailed information.
  • Links the inspection video to each pipe segment.

Case Studies

Our case studies demonstrate the positive impact PipeAId has had on municipalities and utilities. See how we have worked with communities to PipeAId their systems and the positive impact it has had on their operations.

About Us

PipeAId is an AI software solution that supports utilities with processing sewer pipe condition assessment CCTV videos. PipeAId provides CCTV defect codes and defect mapping in a computer vision and machine learning AI environment that mimics the process people use when observing and coding pipe inspection videos, resulting in more accurate and unbiased condition assessments.

PipeAId is trained on millions of lineal feet of pipe. With this information, the AI is capable of identifying the presence of pipe defects 100% of the time.

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