A Better Tool for Use with Sewer Inspection Cameras

PipeAId delivers cutting-edge sewer AI technology integrated with GIS. Our AI-powered digital assistant tool enhances sewer video inspection by automating parts of the inspection and coding process, and by removing human error from the equation.

Why Use PipeAId?

PipeAId is trained on millions of lineal feet of pipe and identifies the most common NASSCO defects with 90% accuracy. That is better than the most experienced technician on their best day. The platform retains information, so the data can be used to predict failures based on deterioration trends over time. It can also help demonstrate compliance with EPA consent decrees, validate rate structures to ensure appropriate revenue is being collected to cover future repair costs and aid in responding to resident concerns.

PipeAId Capabilities

This software has been designed by a nationally recognized sewer engineering team. It can upload, review and deliver data with any type of input and video format, coded or not, as long as it includes length of pipe. Once the data is collected it is turned over to clients, with cloud hosting services available as needed.

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  • Improve Visibility

    Improve visibility of buried assets, which are the most expensive assets for a utility

  • Increase Confidence

    Increase confidence in utility planning decisions

  • Road Map

    Provide a road map by adding defects into a GIS to take the guesswork out of which repairs are necessary and how to prioritize them 

  • Designed

    Software designed by engineers

  • Any Video Format

    Review sewer inspection data in any video format, as long as it includes length of pipe

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