Case Studies

Town of Newburgh

We worked with officials in Newburgh, Indiana to demonstrate how our technology can offer a more efficient, objective and accurate assessment of their sewer system than pre-existing methods.

Efficient, Objective & Accurate Assessments

As part of its Capacity Management Operation & Maintenance (CMOM) program, the Town of Newburgh, Indiana annually cleans and inspects 10% (20,000 LF) of its sanitary collection system. Newburgh’s inspection video provided a good picture of the overall pipe condition but had not been coded per the NASSCO PACP requirements.

What They Had to Say

“This AI system is taking our sewer pipe assessment program to the next level, and we look forward to a far more efficient and cost-effective sewer inspection process. By using the CCTV data that we’re already gathering and translating it into a more useful format, it’s making the utility’s efforts more valuable, providing a high level of service to our customers.”

-Steve Shoemaker, Sewer Commissioner, Town of Newburgh

What We Did

Newburgh used PipeAIdTM to process inspection data for 40,000 linear feet of pipe. PipeAId’s machine learning algorithms paired with computer vision provided an objective and unbiased assessment of Newburgh’s buried assets, allowing them to maximize a pipe’s useful life and either rehabilitate or replace it before a failure occurs.

More In-Depth Analysis

PipeAId gave the Town of Newburgh both perpendicular and longitudinal views, which provided a more detailed analysis while mitigating the chance that defects and other observations would be miscoded or missed altogether. We also compared five- to 10-year-old historical CCTV data that Newburgh provided to more current data to determine the rate of deterioration. It was found that the level of deterioration was not enough to warrant rehabilitation or replacement, which showed that Newburgh’s proactive point repair program has been effective at extending the sewer’s useful life.


In addition to the traditional reports generated as part of sewer inspection work, PipeAId has GIS outputs that could be integrated with Newburgh’s GIS to show the size, material, date of inspection, condition of pipes and the location of each defect/observation. This provides a high level of transparency of a pipe’s condition and reliable information to support data-driven decisions for Newburgh’s rehabilitation, replacement and maintenance strategies. The mapping is an effective tool for field staff to facilitate conversations with residents and better inform stakeholders and the public about the town’s proactive CMOM program.

The Town of Newburgh now has a higher degree of certainty that incident codes are identified correctly.


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