Case Studies

Anchorage Water and Wastewater Utility

A demonstration of PipeAId’s capabilities provided detailed data to improve the planning process for AWWU, the utility management division for Anchorage, Alaska. We’ve worked with AWWU to process the town’s sewer inspection videos and locate potential defects with high accuracy.

Detailed Data Improves Planning Process

As part of an annual condition assessment, AWWU had their CCTV practices reviewed. In the process, uncoded video was identified.

What We Did

The team helped AWWU streamline their defect coding using PipeAId.


After the results of the initial processing, AWWU plans to process all videos through PipeAId moving forward, including both in-house and contractor CCTV videos.

The Difference

Initially, 50,000 feet of pipe were processed. AWWU was so pleased with the results that an additional 62,500 feet were added. The data from PipeAId has given AWWU clear coordinates with the various defects which has made it easier to create a maintenance/rehabilitation/replacement plan. AWWU is also able to save time and money by giving this data directly to the contractor who will perform the work with certainty as to where the defects are located.

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